Africa’s technology ecosystems have experienced “incredible growth” as they have rapidly expanded in recent years, with 618 active tech hubs providing “the backbone of Africa’s tech ecosystem,” according to the GSMA.

This is a 40% leap over the 442 hubs counted last year, while this ecosystem was “mainly boosted by a torrent of venture funds, development finance, corporate involvement, as well as ever-growing, innovative communities,” it said.

Cameroon, a Central African country has recorded an increasing number of tech startups and other technology-driven initiatives. In Africa, Cameroon accounts for an overall 18% increase in digital penetrations despite the Crisis that the country has been facing over the years. Entrepreneurs in Cameroon have increasingly got into the digital space as the country experiences an increase in the consumption of digital products.

Although Cameroon has more than a thousand technology entrepreneur distributed across many cities with a vast majority located in Douala, Buea, and Yaounde, Buea which is popularly known as the Silicon Mountain of Central Africa, has become renowned on global media for its amazing products and digital solutions over the years.

Amongst some of the finest Cameroonian entrepreneurs influencing and inspiring the African continent, we are profiling ENOW GEORGE AGBOR.

Meet Enow George Agbor -Co-Founder of Mungenow Technologies and Founder of Opportunities for Cameroonians.

Enow George Agbor is a young Cameroonian Tech Entrepreneur with vast experience and a proven track record in digital marketing, product conception, design, and development of web applications.

He is the Co-Founder of Mungenow Technologies, a leading B2C technology start-up based in Cameroon with a vision to develop technology products that meet the need of modern African society.

Mungenow Technologies -a popular tech startup operating in Buea is known for its two flagship products; Mungenow Properties (, a digital property portal with a goal to simplify the process of renting, buying, or selling properties across Cameroon and Africa & Mungenow Classified (, a classified website which is enabling thousands of Africans to sell and/or redistribute unused or unwanted items in the digital space.

Enow George Agbor -Founder of Opportunities for Cameroonians

Connek24 -Enow George Agbor -Founder of Opportunities for Cameroonians

As a vast majority of Cameroonians are still behind the technology revolution with blowing across the African continent, Enow George founded Opportunities for Cameroonians (, an online platform which is created in line with SDGs goal 4, 8, and 17 which aims at bridging the gap between opportunity providers and opportunity seekers in Cameroon. According to Enow George, this initiative aims at ensuring that Cameroonian youths have access to timely and quality information on local and international opportunities like scholarships, jobs, competitions, conferences among others.

Awards and Media Recognition

Enow is an innovative entrepreneur who has distinguished himself by being honored with multiple awards in education, entrepreneurship, and IT.

In 2019, at Bonteh Digital Media Awards, Enow was awarded the Best Digital Entrepreneur of the year, He was also awarded the Impact ICT Innovator of the Year at the Cameroon Heroes Award 2019 Edition.


Enow is also a winner of the 2018 DigCit SDG Award as Best Socialite for all SDGs which got him a merited spot amongst the 2018 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians by Avance Media and COSDEF Group.

Enow George was also awarded the Best Educator in South West Region of Cameroon for Using and Integrating ICTs in Teaching in 2015, by MTN Foundation.

Driven by his commitment to social change, he has taken part in many leadership programs like YALI West Africa RLC Leadership program, the Kectil Leadership program and the African ChangeMakers Fellowship program among others.

In Conclusion, Enow George is not only a tech changemaker who is influencing the technology ecosystem in Cameroon, he is one of Africa’s celebrated heroes who is on the frontline of digital transformation in Africa.