Cameroon Base Peace Advocate -Bochum Samuel Bache to run for Common Wealth Youth Council Elections 2021


Bochum Samuel Bache, Founder / Executive Director at Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon “YAPCEC” nominated by the commonwealth to run as Vice Chairperson for Policy and Advocacy for the 2021-2023 term.

Bochum Samuel Bache nominated by the Cameroon Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC) and the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX)

and been shortlisted by the Commonwealth to run in for Elections at the Commonwealth Youth Council in the service area as Vice Chairperson for Policy and Advocacy.
1st, May 2021, The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC)’s officially published a list of nominees on their information site for the CYC Executives Election 2021. Term 2021-2023.
The names of nominees shortlisted featured 41 candidates who are contesting across 9 Executive positions and their main duties. Among the shortlisted candidate is Bochum Samuel Bache -a young, very composed Cameroonian who is diligently serving the African continent through advocating for peace, especially in nations such as Cameroon which has been in crisis for about 4years.
Bochum Samuel’s unique aspirations as a peace advocate demonstrate that of a man with true leadership, determination, and a promise for a more peaceful continent.

The list featured other renown figures representing from many countries across the world such as Anaseini Ulakai (Tonga), Broderick Mervyn (Fiji), Kim Allen (Papua New Guinea), Mererai Vatege (Fiji) for the category of Chairperson.See the complete list of nominees here

According to an update published on the official website for the commonwealth youth council, When elected, the 9 elected Executives will form the Executive Council of the CYC, which will be responsible for the CYC’s leadership, governance, and strategic direction. Together with the NYD, the CYC will represent the 1.4 billion young people of the Commonwealth for the next two years and will be tasked to make the Commonwealth fairer and more sustainable.
For more information about Bochum Samuel, kindly follow him on all social media through his handles, name, or hashtags at Bochum Samuel Bache.