The word ‘Start-up’ is most common in the technology sector. 2021 has opened many doors for opportunities where start-ups can score big time. Businesses across diverse industries seem to be booming after the pandemic. As a large part of the daily routines and office, works have moved to online mode due to lockdown in 2020, digital solutions are gaining momentum in the coronavirus inoculation year across Africa. Cameroon is making a significant place in the acceleration of digitalization. Modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, Internet of Things, blockchain and E-commerce, contribute to the sudden increase in the number of start-ups. Henceforth, Connek24 has listed the top 10 most innovative tech start-ups in Cameroon that are performing well and are at the forefront of accelerating digitalization in Cameroon.

Top 10 most innovative tech start-ups in Cameroon 2021


Founded in 2021, Tour Cameroon commonly referred to as TourCMR is an innovative mobile app for both Android and Apple devices that is solving challenges in the Tourism industry in Cameroon. Cameroon is globally recognized for his rich cultural diversity and amazing touristic sites with an average of over 800,000 tourists visiting the nation annually. According to the founder/CEO Pemwoya Bryan Pangsui, this figure is relatively low compared to the potentials of the tourism sector in Cameroon and he says can be attributed to the lack of appropriate structure for exposing the beauty of Cameroon to the world. TourCMR, therefore, provides a well-structured guide to all the touristic sites available in Cameroon making it easy for tourists to find and visit touristic attractions in any part of the Country. TourCMR has great potentials of boosting the Tourism sector of Cameroon and also serves as a catalyst to accelerated digitalization in Cameroon.


Launched in January 2021 with Headquarter in Buea, is Cameroon’s largest B2B and B2C marketplace for products like electronics, fashion, health & Beauty, Mothercare items, smartphones, and a wide array of other categories, delivered at the comfort of your home. The e-commerce startup operates a top-quality, well-structured multivendor market with over 500+ registered small businesses (merchants) currently using its platforms to serve Africa’s 1.34Billion consumer market. Although the is the presence of other online shopping sites in Cameroon like Glotelho and Iziway, occupies the top quality service and innovative approach towards e-commerce in Cameroon is benefiting thousands of SMEs across the nation by it making it easier for them to set up and operate their digital markets in a few minutes. The Cameroon startup also have mobile apps for both users and merchants on Google playstore and Apple store, for a more enhanced digital experience.

3. Zendbird.

Founded in October 2020 with Headquarter in Buea, the Zendbird Cloud Communication platform (Zendbird) is an Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging Silicon Mountain startup founded by Agbor Franklen Ayuk. The startup is solving the problem of declining customer base by businesses resulting from poor customer service and user diverge attention. Research has proven that about $1.6 Trillion is lost every year globally resulting from the inability of businesses to meet and satisfy customer needs. Zendbird seeks to help minimize this loss by providing a cloud base omnichannel communication platform that enables businesses to build an engaging personalized customer experience.